I love clothes, the craft of dressing, lifestyle imagery, runway fantasy and glamour of all sorts. As a stylist, I get to work with clothes, fabrics, beads, buttons, scarves, belts, jewelry (breath), and a bunch of other stuff, as applied to peoples bodies, helping them hone their own style. I appreciate fashion, but at the same time I don't take it too seriously. For me fashion is largely  fantasy. Styling is the nitty gritty of, "What am I going to wear to tell these folks who I am." It's making a statement. And that's what I help people do.

I've dressed celebrities, politicians, homemakers, talk show hosts and rock stars. It requires a sense of artistry to get just the right silhouette, fit, color and combination to crystalize an outfit. I'm particularly good at that, and at helping clients build a lasting wardrobe that functions and is beautiful. Ultimately, my goal is to help clients find and celebrate their sense of style. Then heads turn, things happen. 

I'm also a travel writer. Travel inspires my sense of style, but it also informs just about every other part of my life! And I like to share that with readers, telling them how a destination relates to fashion, food, art, architecture and life!  When it's time to go, I'm ready. I'm game, I'm published. 

I invite you to my CARLISLE page. Here you'll find out how I can help you stylistically.  My portfolio will show you my styling work in print. And finally, my published writing page and blog will take you places!