Living in the moment–it's a wonderful concept, but often the only time I can put it into practice is when I’m traveling. Exploring a new place feeds the spirit, it rejuvenates and educates. It gets you out of your head!  I write about travel to inform, but also to share my in the moment experiences. 

When style and travel intersect, I’m definitely in the Cathie Zone.  Appreciating the tame, conservative dress of an elderly woman in Vevey, Switzerland, I'll be inspired by her style and wonder more about her generation and homeland, all the while vowing to find practical low healed pumps like the ones she has!  

In my stories, I want to talk about the overlap of style and travel, but I also want to give an inside look at a destination, to show readers what’s fun, cool and why they should go be in the moment!

My travel and fashion writing outlets include GoNOMAD, Travelgirl, Healthy Aging and Everette Potter’s Travel Report.

Check out my work below and please link to some of my stories following these layouts. 

As a longstanding contributing writer to GoNOMAD, I'm happy for you to check out the many stories I've written for this award-winning travel site by clicking this link below.