The Best Way To Cheer Me, Cashmere Me.

It's no secret that a pashmina is a practical accessory. So adaptable, it creates cozy warmth for in-between weather as well as a dressy wrap for almost any occasion. Not only do they "pump up" a plain outfit, but when draped over a sofa they can also add interest, color, and pattern to the room.

Ah and for travel, pashmina's are a must. BUT consider the cashmere wrap. In my opinion, even better than a pashmina– bigger, warmer, cozier. And I know of the perfect one. Jules Allen makes a cashmere wrap in a varity of colors that is perfect for airline travel. I've got one in pink and it has been all over the place.

Wrap yourself in Jules Allen cashmere, put on a pair of cozy socks, close your eyes and if you aren't already in first class, you may think you are!