How much is too much?

Recently I was hired to be the stylist commenting on Hue hosiery's Facebook page. I'm looking forward to talking about legwear fashion and keeping fans informed on what is happening with Hue. We plan to have give-aways, product announcements, designer updates and easy, chatty conversation about style, fashion, and in particular, legwear.

In doing the research about what is being said "out there" in web land about Hue, I feel like I'm maneuvering through a jungle of information. How much is too much? With the gazillion web sites and blogs commenting on fashion, how do you know if you're getting to the quality writing and reporting? I ran across the site, Alltop, that simply catalogs what they decided are "the best of," but that is very objective, isn't it? Honestly, I tend to fall back on the established reporting generated through trusted newspapers and periodicals. Perhaps I'm old fashioned (I'm sure no stylist should ever admit that!) but with few exceptions, there is a lot of what I call "clutter blogs" out there, messy, busy, confusing. Ironic, since fashion is suppose to be about good taste! I would say this is less so with travel blogs, but to be fair I haven't spent quite as much time researching. Don't get me wrong though, I'm still checking in with some favorite travel and style blogs. I think it is a matter of archiving and driving to what works for you, it takes time, but the internet has something for everyone!